A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The full name of the game is "Non-Euclidean Test 2".

This game was created for Awful Summer Game Jam 2018, and was made in 3 weeks.

Have you ever walked through a door and forgot what you were doing?  That's this game, a sequel of a knockoff of Antichamber. 

Walk around and become confused as to why these damn stairs last forever, or possibly try and figure out just why that bench is flipped over. This really is something unneeded in this world, but we made it because fuck it.

At least I can escape my life's problems for a little while walking around as a spoon.

MyChade -- Lead Programmer
LeminWedj -- Lead Designer and Level Modeler


N-ET2_windows_64bit.zip 29 MB
N-ET2_windows_32bit.zip 26 MB
N-ET2_macOS_intel.zip 31 MB
N-ET2_linux_universal.zip 47 MB

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